Having the experience to serve in the hospitality industry since 2007 by the majestic Pangong Lake, we present to our discerning traveler a luxurious comfort at our Hotel at Leh. We come with lot of experience when it comes to providing you with excellent quality services. Hotel Martsemik provides you the breathtaking view of Leh at its best and the vibrant mountains of Himalayas.

With the vision of bringing comfort and luxury at one place, Hotel Martsemik provides you with the epitome of Luxury of traditional architecture and comfort of your home, with modern facilities.


We have everything for your comfortable stay

  • Breakfast
  • Room Service
  • Internet Access
  • Taxi Service
  • Cultural program (on demand)
  • Buffet


  • Child below 5 Years are complimentary
  • Child between 5 -14 charged 20%
  • Child above 14 years and above charged 40%
  • Tariff is inclusive of GST


Final confirmation will be after 50% in aduance and balance payment before check-in


  • Cancellation before 30 Days -10% of total amount
  • Cancellation between 30 to 16 days - 25% of the amount
  • Cancellation between 15 to 11 days - 50% of the amount
  • No refund within 10 days or less from date of check in
  • No refund for early checkout or no show
Martsemik Camps


We have quite the variety of rooms ranging from Standard, Deluxe, Super Deluxe, premium and Suites to match the taste and comfort for varied guests. Our rooms are designed to provide you with best of view, spacious with local touch and equipped with all modern facilities. A perfect harmony of leisure and comfort.

Deluxe Room

A deluxe room is a more spacious and upgraded lodging option compared to standard rooms in hotels or other accommodations. It often includes enhanced amenities and additional features, such as better furnishings, a larger living space, and possibly more luxurious decor. Deluxe rooms are designed to offer a more comfortable and premium experience for guests, providing a step up from the basic offerings of standard rooms. The term "deluxe" is commonly used in the hospitality industry to signify a higher level of comfort and amenities for those seeking a more refined stay.

Super Deluxe Room

A super deluxe room represents an even higher level of luxury and comfort compared to standard and deluxe rooms in hotels or accommodations. It typically features spacious living areas, premium furnishings, and additional amenities that go beyond what is offered in deluxe rooms. Super deluxe rooms are designed to provide guests with an indulgent and upscale experience, often including enhanced services, better views, or exclusive perks. The term "super deluxe" is commonly used in the hospitality industry to denote a top-tier lodging option, appealing to those seeking a more lavish and refined stay.

Premium Room

A premium room is a upscale lodging option in hotels or accommodations, offering enhanced features and amenities beyond standard or regular rooms. It usually includes more luxurious furnishings, additional space, and upgraded services. Premium rooms are designed to provide guests with a higher level of comfort and sophistication, making them ideal for those seeking a more refined and exclusive stay. The term "premium" in this context signifies a level of quality and service that surpasses standard offerings, catering to individuals who desire a more luxurious experience during their stay.


Type of Plan Deluxe Room Super Deluxe Room Premium Room
Single Double Extra Bed Child Single Double Extra Bed Child Single Double Extra Bed Child
EP Rs. 3800/- Rs. 4800/- Rs. 1920/- Rs. 960/- Rs. 4840/- Rs. 5940/- Rs. 2376/- Rs. 1188/- Rs. 6600/- Rs. 7000/- Rs. 3080/- Rs. 1540/-
CP Rs. 4200/- Rs. 5200/- Rs. 2080/- Rs. 1040/- Rs. 5720/- Rs. 6820/- Rs. 2728/- Rs. 1364/- Rs. 7370/- Rs. 8470/- Rs. 3388/- Rs. 1694/-
MAP Rs. 5000/- Rs. 6000/- Rs. 2400/- Rs. 1200/- Rs. 6600/- Rs. 7700/- Rs. 3080/- Rs. 1540/- Rs. 8250/- Rs. 9350/- Rs. 3740/- Rs. 1870/-
AP Rs. 5800/- Rs. 6800/- Rs. 2720/- Rs. 1360/- Rs. 7590/- Rs. 8690/- Rs. 3476/- Rs. 1738/- Rs. 8800/- Rs. 9900/- Rs. 3960/- Rs. 1980/-

Buffet System Adult (Hot Lunch Facility) Children's Age 05-12 Yrs
Buffet/Per Head Lunch Dinner Buffet/Per Head Lunch Dinner
Rs. 450/- Rs. 550/- Rs. 750/- Rs. 350/- Rs. 400/- Rs. 450/-