Established in 2005, Martsemik Camping Resort grew with aim of exploring the Eastern Ladakh or the Changthang. We were the first camp to open at Pangong Lake and serving our customers since 18 years. Currently located at Shachukul Village, we present a fabulous and breathtaking view of this Eco-Friendly Village. Our Present location will mesmerize you with its fabulous and breath taking view. Martsemik Camping-Resort reflects peace, harmony and hospitality that the people of Ladakh are known for.


Shachukul village is nestled at 4246 meters above sea level. It is situated at a distance of 125KM from Leh City by taxi. One can also reach Shachukul from Nubra valley Via Shayok Road around 120 KM.

Shachukul is part of the Durbuk Region of Changthang/ Eastern Ladakh. This region is haven for Wildlife and wilderness fans, species like Re-Ural, Marmots, Blue Sheep, Wildass, Argali and famous Black Neck Crane, Bar-headed Goose etc.


With the new destination open for tourists by the Govt. this region offers a great opportunity for explorers. The vast wetland of Kargyam- Satho offers a new look into the wildlife of Changthang, specially know for Black-Neck Crane and the Nomadic lifestyle of the people of this Region.


The grandeur of snow-capped mountains surrounds the region. For the fans of Adventure Shachukul offers the wondrous terrain for trekking/hiking/climbing into the 7 valleys that lies at the top of the Village. Exhilarating climate to observe the astonishing Glaciers & Lakes which are incredibly gratifying, which will take your breath away at first sight.


Following the mountains lies the various water streams, which are home to the nomads of Shachukul, where Yaks, Sheep’s, and famous Cashmere goats are reared.


Shachukul Monastery, is one of the Largest among three ‘Drigung Kargyue’ sect of Buddhism in Ladakh, besides Lamayuru and Phyang. During the month of June/July the annual festival of Monastery is one to witness.


Meditation caves/houses of Shachukul gives you the experience, where one can spend alone time in n quite place to reconnect with the soul.


The simplicity, charm and hospitality of the people all go into making this unique mountainous terrain, above of man, a great attraction for tourists of all category.


We have everything for your comfortable stay

  • Accommodation : Standard Deluxe Attached bath rooms = 21 Nos.
  • Dinning : Tent Dinning Hall 25ft x 72ft well furnished with modern style. Breakfast
  • Traditional Dinning Hall furnished with local style
  • Bathrooms with Hot water
  • Extra Space for camping (on demand with minimum charge)
  • Parking Facilities
  • Games, Sports (like Archery) and Music facilities
  • T.V and Video facility in main Dining Hall
  • Meditation Hall
  • Restaurant Facility
  • Souvenir Shop (Handcraft Product of Changthang)
  • Camp Fire (on demand at minimum charge)
  • Cultural Program (on Demand and Charge)
  • On Call medical Facility


  • Buffet System :
    Rs. 480/- per person
    Rs. 180/- children 5-12
    Full rate will be charged to the children of above 12 years
  • Rate for Tea and other food shall be charged as per restaurant menu


Full payment should be made before the end of November by the concerned travel companies and Hotels, 10% of extra on the total amount will be charged after 30th November.

NOTE : Tariff and menu rates are subjected to change without notice in accordance with the functioning in the market.


Check Out at 11:00 AM

  • Group booking (in advance of 2 weeks)
  • Cancellation notice of group or FITs should be given in written in 15 days advance. 50% be charged for Retention of booking
  • All the confirmed bookings are subject to 50 percent advance payment
  • Martsemik Camping is Operational from End of April to ending of October
  • On every 12 pax (member), one group leader will be accommodation free
Martsemik Camps


Deluxe Room

A deluxe room is a more spacious and upgraded lodging option compared to standard rooms in hotels or other accommodations. It often includes enhanced amenities and additional features, such as better furnishings, a larger living space, and possibly more luxurious decor. Deluxe rooms are designed to offer a more comfortable and premium experience for guests, providing a step up from the basic offerings of standard rooms. The term "deluxe" is commonly used in the hospitality industry to signify a higher level of comfort and amenities for those seeking a more refined stay.

Super Deluxe Room

A super deluxe room represents an even higher level of luxury and comfort compared to standard and deluxe rooms in hotels or accommodations. It typically features spacious living areas, premium furnishings, and additional amenities that go beyond what is offered in deluxe rooms. Super deluxe rooms are designed to provide guests with an indulgent and upscale experience, often including enhanced services, better views, or exclusive perks. The term "super deluxe" is commonly used in the hospitality industry to denote a top-tier lodging option, appealing to those seeking a more lavish and refined stay.


Type of Plan Deluxe Room Super Deluxe Room
Single Double Extra Bed Child Single Double Extra Bed Child
EP Rs. 4300/- Rs. 4500/- Rs. 2250/- Rs. 800/- Rs. 4840/- Rs. 5940/- Rs. 2376/- Rs. 1188/-
CP Rs. 5100/- Rs. 5500/- Rs. 2300/- Rs. 1000/- Rs. 5720/- Rs. 6820/- Rs. 2728/- Rs. 1364/-
MAP Rs. 5600/- Rs. 7200/- Rs. 2600/- Rs. 1300/- Rs. 6600/- Rs. 7700/- Rs. 3080/- Rs. 1540/-
AP Rs. 6100/- Rs. 7700/- Rs. 2900/- Rs. 1400/- Rs. 7590/- Rs. 8690/- Rs. 3476/- Rs. 1738/-

Buffet System Adult (Hot Lunch Facility) Children's Age 05-12 Yrs
Buffet/Per Head Lunch Dinner Buffet/Per Head Lunch Dinner
Rs. 370/- Rs. 550/- Rs. 600/- Rs. 350/- Rs. 400/- Rs. 450/-